Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks

We are living a sumptuous lifestyle than ever, but it is coming at a price in the form of global warming and wastage. Both of these are harming the planet at a rapid pace.

But you can fix it simply by bringing some changes to your lifestyle. They are not difficult to adopt either. Here we mention 8 easy lifestyle hacks which will help you lead a sustainable life and save the planet.

Shop thrifty

If you are a shopaholic, then it’s a good idea to stop by a thrift shop and purchase some items from over there. The used clothing items gets recycled when you buy them from the thrift shop. In the process, there’s a reduction in overall landfill waste.

Use natural organic cleaning products

We use myriads of things to clean ourselves and our surrounding. But most cleaning products we use likely contains harmful chemicals that nature finds it too hard to break down. Which means they stay in the environment as pollutants. Natural cleaning products on the other hand degrade easily.

Eat in-season foods

Not only are the in-season food items rich in nutrients, but they are also sustainable products. As they are cultivated around a specific period of the year, they are readily available and require minimum storage and transportation, which minimizes the overall carbon footprint. Out-of-season food items however need to be stored and transported which consumes a lot of energy.

Go paperless

By reducing the use of paper, you reduce the landfill waste. Moreover, paper making process requires cutting down trees and a lot of energy. But in the end, they are thrown into the trash after one or two uses. So, when receiving your bills, you can opt for e-bills instead of paper bills.

Reuse-recycle everything

Recycling is key to sustainable living approach. Always for recycling stuff at least 3-4 times before disposing it off at a safe site. Plastics, papers, electronic gadgets, wooden items are some of the things you can recycle easily.

Use smart electronics

Smart electronics come with sensors attached in them. This help the device use the exact power needed and avoid wastage. For example, most LED bulbs come with sensors. When you are not in the room, they dim themselves automatically to conserve energy.

Invest in an indoor garden

Even if you don’t own a land to plant trees, you can definitely grow an indoor garden. Just dedicate a small corner and put 5-6 flowering pots. These will not only adorn the space, but also help in regulating indoor air.

Use mobile’s airplane mode while charging

Airplane mode is provided in almost every cell phone. When you turn it on, the mobile charges itself quicker and uses less energy in the process. This has also shown to improve battery life. So next time you put your phone on charge, make sure to turn on the airplane mode.

When you make use of some or even better, all of the lifestyle hacks, you will start generating even more ideas on your own. So, take a step towards a greener earth.